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Daily Devotional

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Joshua's Farewell Address

Joshua 23:1-16

  1. "The Lord your God is he that hath ____ for you." (23:3)
  2. "Be ye therefore very ______ to keep…" (23:6)
  3. "But cleave unto the LORD your God, as ye have done unto _______." (23:8)
  4. "One man of you shall chase a _______...."(23:10)
  5. "Then shall the _____ of the LORD be kindled against you..." (23:16)

Easter Sunrise Service 7:00 Am 

Pastor Don Hannah

Combined Choir Singing

Special Music

Sunday School  9:45-10:45 AM

Sunday Morning   11:00 Am

Sunday Prayer 5:30PM

Sunday Evening  6:00 PM

Wednesday Youth Feast  6:00 PM

Wednesday Prayer service 7:00Pm

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